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Welcome to RapidFire IT.  We are a Fast growing IT Service Provider servicing all of Utah Valley and surrounding areas.  We work with home users as well as small to medium businesses.  We provide an array of services from VoIP Solutions, Hardware and Software Support, Networks, Workstations and Servers.  No job is too small or too big for us.  We have an experienced staff that prides themselves in quality and service.  We make sure that you are well informed of you options and help you make the right decision for your needs. We offer support, training, virus removal, printer installation, repair services and much more! 

There is no denying it, Technology rules our lives today, it is everywhere.  We all have a personal computer, smart phone, laptops and tablets.  Some people are diving into home automation and the automated life style.  Technology has made our lives easier, and your network is the Nucleus of your technology infrastructure, the core, the center.  Your network needs to be protected, and we can help you get your network secured.  We start with a detailed network audit and then develop a plan to improve your infrastructure.  Contact Us for a FREE Consult

It is our mission to provide you with the highest quality, affordable computer repair and IT Services.  Whatever it takes to get your system up and running, we'll make it happen in no time!  That's why our experts work hard to make your life easier.  Learn More about us


At RapidFire IT, we understand that trying to figure out computer issues can be tricky but we haven't seen a computer problem we were not able to fix.  Our trained and certified experts take pride in being able to repair a variety of computer issues.  We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Information Technology field and we are ready to help you with a solution immediately. 

Some services we provide are

  • Repair Computers, Monitors and Hard Drives
  • Computer Clean up
  • Worry-Free Maintenance
  • Replace/Upgrade parts
  • Set up Secured Networks
  • Low Voltage Cabling
  • Install Wireless Devices
  • IT Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Management Support
  • Security Cameras
  • Home Automation

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