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Chad Bowcut


Chad has been working in the IT Field for over ten years.  He started the IT journey professionally when he worked as a virus specialist with McAffee, and he has continued to gain extensive knowledge as he has worked different IT Jobs throughout Utah.  Chad spent 3 years as a Resolution Specialist at Dell and maintained a great Customer Satisfaction rating with all he came in contact with.  Chad also worked with some of the biggest companies in Utah while working with multiple Managed Service Providers.  He loves working with people and working with technology.  He has a real talent for helping people understand their options and decisions when it comes to anything IT related especially Networking and internet security. 

Kate Bowcut


Kate has always had a passion for learning so she has knowledge of many different things.  She enjoys working on small electronics including cell phones, tablets and computers.  She is passionate about what she does and loves teaching others how to make the most out of the devices they have.  Kate worked at Sprint and opened a Service and Repair Center in the heart of American Fork where she successfully led for 4 years.  Kate also worked for Apple as an iMac Technical Specialist where she learned valuable knowledge in repairing Mac Computers and Apple Software.  Now Kate does most of the “behind the scene” work at RapidFire, but she enjoys working with clients whenever she can.




How We Came to Be- We all felt the effects of the Employment Recession in 2008-2012, some more than others.  Chad and Kate had their share of layoffs during those short few years.  It seemed that whenever either of them were up for a promotion they would get laid off.  On a brighter note, they learned a lot about business, becoming a Service Provider, and what qualities they wanted to have in a company.  After so many unstable jobs, they decided to take matters into their own hands and start a business!  At RapidFire IT, We strive for Superior Customer Service, we believe that one-size does not fit all, so we take the time to get to know you and your needs before making a recommendation.   



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"My experience has been phenomenal with RapidFire IT.  They are so down to earth and more than willing to do a great job for their clients. They took time to explain things so I could understand them. I haven't found this from other providers. What great Customer Service!"

- Michelle S.

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